Best activities in Cusco city

If you have a free day in Cusco we have the perfect activities for you to enjoy!

Watch a local soccer match

I won’t lie, you won’t see a local version of Messi or Ronaldo scoring a hat trick or making a beautiful free-kick goal but the excitement is there. You can feel the atmosphere of the local supporters yelling and jumping, every time they score you can hear GOOOOAAAL!!! from all over Cusco. The matches are entertaining enough to bring you an unforgettable experience, the entry ticket is about 30 soles depending on what type of game is it and they usually happen on weekends. When I was there it started raining in the middle of the match (which was cool if you ask me) and the local team Cienciano won by 2-1. I definitely won’t ever forget that amazing and fun day.

Visit the local markets

San Pedro is the most famous one, but you can find a market in almost every district. Here you can find crafts as well as food, clothes, juices, and much more. These markets are designed to provide the local population with fresh products, so it’s filled with Cusqueños. If you want a taste of authentic Cusco life, there is no better way than San Pedro market, you will hear people speaking Quechua, try local dishes and fruits, and see more types, colors, and sizes of corn and potatoes than you could have imagined. Extra tip: ask for a lúcuma fruit blended with milk in one of the stands! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, you can see some things here that might seem weird or even disgusting, depending on where are you from (like pigs heads and other animal-derived items).

Go to the cinema

Yes, we know this isn’t the most exciting or adventurous option but it’s always nice to relax and watch a movie in a comfy seat. You can also see some of Peru’s more modern culture by visiting the Real Plaza, the biggest mall in Cusco. If you have passable Spanish and can watch a translated movie, we can recommend you enjoy this local experience. You can also find some of the most common food brands, like Chili’s, Burger King, Starbucks, etc. You have either a CinePlanet in the Real Plaza or Cinerama which is much closer to the Plaza, we still recommend the first option out of comfort and general quality.

Visit Qenqo, Cristo Blanco and Sacsayhuaman

All these places are within walking distance from the Plaza and have amazing views. You can also chill for the day, especially in the small Qenqo (next to the archeological site). You have a big park where families from Cusco come and spend their family Sundays. Qenqo and Sacsayhuaman aren’t free, but you can get a partial tourist ticket that includes entrance to both, and many other places (that are also close) for approximately 25 USD.

Rent a bicycle or a motorbike and just run like the wind

There are many places that will rent you a motorbike for approx—30 USD per day. You can just rent one with a friend and just drive to the Sacred Valley and explore all of it. If you are not into motorcycles, you can always just rent a bicycle and go to Qenqo. There are multiple horse paths near there that you can just bike. If you have no clue where you are going, you can always ask the person that rented you the bike, they always have some friendly trips. Most bike rentals are in Plateros, near the plaza.