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Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu

We got up this morning and had a great breakfast. We packed up and were getting ready to leave when Elio got a group of porters together and told them to grab a rolled up sleeping mat and line up in 2 lines…

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Lares Trek to Machu Picchu-Pass – Day 3

“Wow, I was so much warmer last night!” said Katina as she opened the zipper to the tent and watched the frost flake away. I guess the investment in the hat, scarf and gloves really paid off!…

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Trekking In The Sacred Valley

We booked our trek with SAM Travel Peru who made the process very easy. Sam even Skyped with me because I was initially undecided on the dates and number of days we would hike and whether we would hike Huayna Picchu (we didn’t)…

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Lares Trek on Inca Trail Peru

When we arrived it was pouring rain. The guide asked if I had water-resistant pants and shoes? My only rain gear was a rain jacket and the orange plastic poncho Sam Travel Peru gave each of its hikers…

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Trek naar Machu Picchu

Sinds we de vorige keer schreven is de tijd ontzettend snel gegaan! We hebben een rit te paard gedaan langs allemaal Inca tempels, en we hebben natuurlijk de Lares Trek gedaan naar Machu Picchu!…

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Alli and Ellie hike to Machu Picchu

Our trekking began a little further down the road where we met our mules (who carried our duffel bags), cowboy, porters, and chef. So let me just (try to) quickly explain how amazing SAM travel, the camping, and the staff were. These local men (who live in many of the towns we passed through) lead the mules ahead of us, at a crazy fast pace of course, set up camp for lunch or dinner, have a food tent, or sleeping tent, or even a baños (bathroom) tent…

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