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For a complete tour package  that gives you everything your heart desires; Cusco, the capital of the Inca empire, Sacred Valley, the heart of the Incas with all of its treasures and archeological sites, and the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, at the end of your journey, you will find this to be the most comprehensive adventure hiking package and the best choice possible.

Cusco or Qosqo in quechua, was the capital of the Inca empire called Tawantinsuyo. The streets of the city exude such a rich history and culture which signifies the true assence of Peru. One can observe different stages of history, from ancient times until the Conquest and its consequences. There are endless archeological sites to visit, grand cathedrals everywhere, museums, and lots of shops to explore.

Tucked between the foothills of the Andes Mountains, just 15kms/9.3 miles north of Cusco as the condor flies, discover the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The valley is home to attractive colonial towns, isolated weaving villages, handicraft markets and lofty 10th and 11th century Inca Citadels like Pisac, Ollyantaytambo and Urubumba. There are limitless things to discover!

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a stunning cultural show of Inca ruins, exotic side by side mountains, primitive lush vegetation and extraordinary ecological varieties. The trail goes through the National Park and enters through the Sun Gate with unforgettable views of Machu Picchu, through cloud pitted forest and finally into subtropical vegetation.  Upon arrival to Machu Picchu, enjoy an informative guided tour, visiting all the hidden corners of the Inca monument.  Take your time exploring the majestic Machu Picchu, Incan ruins  rich in the history of its past and the thriving culture of the people who once resided there.



Upon your arrival to the cosmopolitan capital Cusco you will be greeted by our representative and transferred to your hotel where you will receive a short briefing then given the morning to acclimatize.

In the afternoon, we will introduce you to the Imperial City of Cusco.  Cusco’s history still lives and vibrates in its squares, valleys and towns. You’ll find stunning destinations and examples of incredible engineering by Inca stonemasons and living examples of the mix of Andean and Spanish culture.

Continuing our journey we visit the Santo Domingo Convent built over Koricancha, as well as the ancient Inca Palace, the main worship center of the Sun God. Our discoveries continue at the unmatched and mesmirizing archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman and its military Inca architecture which dominates the city. Finally we are introduced to the contrasts of the indigenous ancients Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay sites, located in the north east of the city. We then head back to your hotel in Cusco by early evening.

  • 3* Accomodation in Cusco: Maytaq Wasin or Inti Punku
  • Meals: Breakfast at your hotel

DAY 2: SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS (Pisac + Moray + Salt Mines + Ollantaytambo)

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel lobby at 7am. First, we drive to a close-by Camelid farm. Here you have an opportunity to feed and pet different breeds of alpacas, llamas and vicuñas (a rare and national animal of Peru). Watch local women using wool from the animals around to weave beautiful garments with different patterns. They have their natural dyeing process with all the organic material needed on full display. Visit their museum and souvenir shop with the option of purchasing a good selection of fair-trade alpaca and vicuña apparel. Best part is that inside the shop, there are shopping assistance to answer all your question but they do not pressure you into purchasing anything. Be sure to grab your certification if you purchase merchandise made with Vicuñas wool, they are protected by the government of Peru.

Next stop is the Mirador of Toray. Enjoy unspoiled views of the valley below, with its lush vegetation and the serene Urubamba River gently curving its way through the entire the Sacred Valley. Perfect spot to stop for selfies, this area has the most panoramic views of the valley and the lighting is perfect at this time of the morning.

After a short uphill drive, we make our way to the historical Archeological site of Pisac. Learn about the agricultural practices of the Incas. How they used the different terraces below with varying micro-climates for their farming and then built their living quarters and food storage warehouses at the top of the hills, to take advantage of the cooler temperatures in order to preserve their produce. Discover at this Sacred Valley entry point the value this region had in terms of sustenance to the Incas and modern Cusco alike. The biggest Inca cemetery is also located here, with thousands of niches wrapped around the mountain side adjacent to the archeological site. According to local legend, there are still human remains inside some of the gravesites.

We follow that with a scenic drive through the valley, passing small rural town, with locals going about their normal day to day lives. We stop on the outskirts of Sacred Valleys´ commercial town of Urubamba for our lunch. Enjoy a scrumptious buffet lunch, with an impressive spread. The food is in abundance, with a great selection for different dietary needs. (Lunch is not included)

After feeling up our bellies, we head over to the Pre-Inca Salt Mines of Salineras. As you approach the salt mines you will be met by thousands of salt pans that has the valley coated in white and a murky brown color. The locals have been mining salt for generations. They have full ownership and rights to these pans and have passed them from one generation to the next. The small stream at the top fills up all the salt pans and once the water evaporates, they cultivate the salt to be sold for profit. Over 90% of the salt consumed in Peru comes from this humble small town. Any salt bought from the vendors at the mines, directly supports this small local community.

Next, we visit another set of Inca Ruins. The ruins of Moray are a great example of how advanced the Incas were for that period. Even though they did not build initial structure, they did however see the opportunity to use this as a natural ¨greenhouse¨. Each layer has different temperatures, they used these different micro-climates to test the optimum growing point of their crops. They brought in different samples of soil from the Empire to achieve maximum results. The sun also hit each level at different angles, making sun absorption different at every section, they also built an intricate irrigation system. The locals were still using this for farming until it was reserved for tourism in the 70s.

Finally, we head to the bustling town of Ollantaytambo, the gateway to Machu Picchu and the world-famous Inca trail. Watching over the town is the Archeological site of the same name. This is where the last and greatest battle was fought between the Incas and the Spanish Invaders. Even though, the Incas won this battle, they later retreated further into the jungle because their numbers had been continuously depleting from the Spanish flue and the many wars they had endured. The site has many boulders that had been carved, which had either been damaged from the war or a sign that this site was still incomplete at the time of the invasion. Your guide will give a comprehensive tour of this site and share all the important history associated with it.

  • 2* Accomodation in Ollantaytambo: Tunupa Lodge or similar
  • Meals: Breakfast at your hotel


With a compact 2 days of excitement to look forward to, we pick you up from your hotel by 6:00am, and drive you to the train station. After a two hour scenic train ride to KM104 our starting point, we begin our trek, where we cruise past the first checkpoint with ease. After the checkpoint we initiate a moderate climb for the next three hours to the chiselled remnants and remote archaeological site of Wiñayhuana. (2,650m/8747ft).

As we celebrate our arrival, we embrace the spectacular plunging views of the Urubamba Canyon, and the ethnic wonder of ancient Inca sites. At this point we connect into the traditional four day Inca Trail. After being at peace with this beautiful sight, we continue onward towards the Sun Gate (2,730mts/9,007ft) with anticipation. As we follow the ancient remote footpath, we encounter our first spectacular view of Machu Picchu in all its brilliance and majestic presence. As we get closer to the Citadel of Machu Picchu, you’ll begin to feel the energy of this mystical place.  After taking time for photos, we catch our bus to Aguas Calientes, where we spend the night in our hotel.

  • Meals: Box Lunch & Dinner. breakfast in hotel
  • 3* Accommodation: Ferre Hotel
  • Difficulty: Moderate.


Bursting with excitement on the long awaited final day, we take the first bus to Machu Picchu archeological site at about 5:30am, to tour this New 7 Wonder of the World.  The Citadel of the Incas, Machu Picchu, is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Your guide will expertly direct you through the energetic ruins and its diverse main streets. Stay still and find the peace within as you sit in the pure delight of the moment.  Finally, there’s the option to climb Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain to appreciate the beauty and magnificense of Machu Picchu and the valleys below (only if booked in advance). 

If you wish to indulge in a few of the following activities on your own you can (not included in the price):

  • Climb Huayna Picchu – appreciate the beauty and magnificence of Machu Picchu from there. (additional fee)
  • Climb Machu Picchu Mountain – appreciate the beauty and magnificence of Machu Picchu from there. (additional fee)
  • Other optional activities in Aguas Calientes include a visit to the new local museum or to the hot springs. (entrance fees to enter)

When you are ready, you will take the shuttle bus to Aguas Calientes, have a leisurely lunch on your own, and later board the Expedition train at 4:22pm for the return trip to Cusco stopping at the Ollantaytambo Station, where you will catch our private van back to Cusco and arriving at your hotel at about 8pm.



  • City Tour
  • Sacred Valley Tour
  • Entrances to the Inca archeological sites
  • Professional guide for four days.
  • Expedition train from Ollantaytambo to beginning of trek and from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo.
  • Three nights hotel accommodation with private room, bathroom and breakfast included.
  • Meals as indicated on the itinerary
  • Bus tickets from Aguas Calientes – Machu picchu -Aguas Calientes.
  • Personal assistance.


  • Meals: those not indicated on the itinerary
  • Huayna Picchu Tickets: US$75 per person
  • Machu Picchu Mountain: US$75 per person
  • Upgrade to Vista Dome: US$67 per person
  • Tips


  • Transfer from the airport to hotel: (Cusco Hotel only).
  • SMALL GROUPS: up to 8 hikers
  • EARLY TRAIN: for the return to Cusco from Aguas Caliente


The Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu is almost always available (except February when it is closed for maintenance). This trek still takes you into Machu Picchu by walking through the SUN GATE, you will get to explore some amazing Inca ruins along the way like Wiñaywayna Inca city

The fantastic package with Inca trail included is available on any date that will suit you – Join in with our group and get the best deals.


  • US$837 per person with hotels 
  • US$697 per person without hotels 

Small groups with English speaking guide of an average of 5 and no more than 8!


  • Under 18 years old: US$40 Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.
  • Under 12 years old: US$60  Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.


  • Huayna Picchu Mountain: US$75 per person
  • Machu Picchu Mountain: US$75 per person
  • Walking Poles: US$7 for pair and whole trek.
  • Extra Porter: US$60 for the trek
  • Upgrade Hotel in Aguas Calientes contact us for prices 
  • Upgrade Hotel in Ollantaytambo contact us for prices
  • Upgrade to Vista Dome: US$67 per person


Please read carefully the following information; it will help you answer all of your questions about our services and tours


You will be welcomed at Cusco airport and taken to your hotel, please ensure that you inform us of your full flight details at least 14 days prior to your trek. Look out for our representative holding an orange board INCA TRAIL HIKE at the arrival terminal. It can be done on any date that is best suited to you!


It will take place the night before the trekking departure at 6pm in our office which is located at Garcilaso Street 210 , Office Nº:213 (2nd Floor) in the la CASA DEL ABUELO shopping center.


Of course! During the Machu Picchu Tour your main luggage can be store at our office or at your hotel, both are free. Please don´t  pack anything you will need for your hike in your stored luggage.


FIRST, to book your Short Inca Trail Adventure Hiking Package, we need you to fill out our booking form by clicking on BOOK NOW on our homepage or click the link BOOK NOW.

Please be ready with the following information (FROM EACH PARTICIPANT in your group).  We cannot purchase an Inca trail permit, entrance to Machu Picchu or the train without the following information:

  • Personal information (your full name, exactly as it appears on your passport):
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • D.O.B. (dd / mm / yyyy)
  • Nationality

SECOND, we require a deposit of US$200.00 per person in order to purchase a your Inca Trail permit, entrance to Machu Picchu and train ticket.  You can make you deposit by clicking on the VISA or PAYPAL symbols on the top of our home page, or on our booking page.


It would be greatly appreciated if you pay in cash at our office (US dollars or Peruvian soles) here in Cusco. We have many cash machines in the historical center to withdraw money.  You can also pay by VISA or PAYPAL online but you will have to pay a 5.5% service charge, charged by VISA and PAYPAL.  To pay your balance through PAYPAL, you need to log into your PAYPAL account using our email address of info@incatrailhikeperu.com.


  1. According to Peruvian Law you must be under 18 years of age at the time of your trek, tour, or visit to Machu Picchu (students 18 & above need student cards). For example if you book a trek at the age of 17 but you turn 18 before you do your trek, you do not qualify for a student discount.
  2. All students from 11 to 17 years, the discount is $30.
  3. For children from the age of 2 to 11 the discount is $40.
  4. Children between the ages of 0 to 2 are free.
  5. All students must provide a copy of their passport at the time of their booking to get the student discount.
  6. Send us a copy at info@incatrailhikeperu.com


Unfortunately the answer is “No”. Once the tickets have been bought the government does not allow any changes, so we can’t change any departure date after the tickets has been bought. Tickets are also not transferable nor refundable.

If you cancel your Short Inca Trail Adventure Hiking Package, the deposit is non-refundable!


You have to bring your original passport and it is very important that it is the same passport number you sent to us to book your entrance to Machu Picchu, train ticket, other entrances and reservations. The rangers will check when you enter Machu Picchu. The train company will also check your passport before allowing you to board the train.

In case you are renewing your passport or changing your name, go ahead and send us your old passport information to secure your permit, and we can change it when you get your new passport number or update your name for a fee of $25 per person.  We must have a copy of your old and new passport to make the change. Before you change your passport keep a copy of your old one.

If you do not wish to pay this fee you will need to bring both passports to Peru with you.  You can enter Peru with your new passport but you will need to show both old and new passports, to be able to enter Machu Picchu or the train.  If you do not have both you will not be allowed to enter Machu Picchu or get on the train. They are very strict about this!


First I would say that the weather is very unpredictable and it’s difficult to foresee.  We recommend that you bring a warm jacket for early mornings and a rain poncho in case of a rain shower.


Absolutely! Included in our packages is dropping you off at your hotel upon return from your trek or tour. If you have booked your hotel in the Sacred Valley like Ollantaytambo or Urubamba, we will drop you off there too!

If you spend the night at Ollantaytambo before the trek, we will pick you up from there.


In general if you exercise regularly and spend a couple of days in Cusco, or in the Sacred Valley for acclimatisation to the altitude, you may be fine.

The recommended medicine for altitude sickness is WATER, COCA TEA and OXYGEN IF NEEDED; our guides are trained to treat you for Altitude Sickness. Click the following link to see more detailed information about Altitude Sickness: Altitude Sickness

We offer the Cusco City Tour or Sacred Valley Tour that you can book while you are acclimatizing.  Check out our Day Tours on our Home Page.


If you’re happy with the services provided, a tip – though not compulsory – is appreciated. While it may not be customary to you, it’s of great significance for the people who will take care of you during the tour.  It inspires excellent service and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across many INCA TRAIL HIKE destinations. Of course you are free to tip as much as your budget will allow, depending on your perception on the quality of service and the length of your tour. Remember, a tip is not compulsory and should only be given when you receive excellent service.


Yes, we are a local sustainable & responsible tourism operator in that we incorporate the universal principles of tourism: protect the environment and benefit the local communities respecting their culture and religion. With this in mind, we have trained all our staff to know, understand and respect the local places and it´s people.


The Short Inca Trail Adventure Hiking Package DOES NOT INCLUDE the extra porter, so, you will need to carry all your thing, please try to pack as light as possible which is the key to enjoying this amazing trek.

What you have to take with you?

  • Original Passport (it has to be the same as the one you have used for booking your trek)
  • Valid, GREEN ISIC card (if you booked as a student)
  • Good daypack 20 to 30 liters (the smaller, the better)
  • Water storage:  2-3 litre Camelbaks are encouraged.
  • Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support
  • Toilet Paper
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 hiking pants at least
  • 2 sets of undergarments
  • 2 sets of hiking socks
  • Couple Fleece/ Thermals
  • Warm clothes, down jacket
  • Waterproof gloves (even if they are ski gloves, take them)
  • Small bottle of soap: we provide warm water each day to wash.
  • Battery Charger: No electricity along the trek
  • Large plastic bags will be provided at the office — Please ask for them.
  • Face moisturizer
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Personal medications
  • First aid kit: band aids, moleskin, etc.
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Wool Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Snacks like chocolate bars, cereal bars or any dry fruits
  • Coca leaves.
  • Rain plastic poncho (provided by INCA TRAIL)
  • Camera
  • Extra Money for Souvenirs, Drinks & Tips

Gallery Cusco, Sacred Valley and Inca Trail 4 Days/3 Nights

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